CNN: Romney’s Refusal to Apologize Cost Him Trump Job


Mitt Romney declined to apologize for his past criticism of Donald Trump, costing him a job as secretary of State for the incoming GOP administration, CNN reported on Wednesday.

Romney and Trump famously met for dinner to discuss a cabinet role, and despite protestations from top aides Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, the president-elect continued to view the former Massachusetts governor as a potential pick. However, according to CNN, both Reince Priebus and Vice President-elect Mike Pence wanted Romney to apologize for his harsh words, as a way to quell critics of his possible involvement in a Trump cabinet; and the president-elect reportedly asked Mitt to publicly say he was “wrong” about Trump. Ultimately, Romney declined, instead offering forward-looking statements praising Trump without mentioning his past words about the man. Trump selected ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his first secretary of State. Read more at CNN.



  1. Good for Romney. While Trump won fair and square and I hope he’s a good president, Romney was on the money with his criticism. Furthermore, how could he retract the things he said without looking like a spineless liar?

  2. # 1 you’re not emes but a mess. Mr Trump earned his presidency rightfully and honestly and you and your friends better get used to the idea that he is our next president. He wants to be in his cabinet but he would not apologize his terrible bashing? How can he be trusted? And you call it decency ha? Refuah Shleima

    • When the people are discouraged from offering criticism of anyone within a democracy, then the democracy is compromised. Further, what terrible bashing did Romney say? And lastly DT said some pretty awful thing about a lot of people, including Romney and family, all the while acting as if he’s somehow undeserved of any bad word said about him. I didn’t vote for Hillary, and I’m trying to come into this presidency with an open mind but the idea that DT is beyond reprieve should appall any self-respecting citizen.

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