Clinton Defends Obamacare Comments


clintonIn an interview with CNN Espanol, former President Bill Clinton addressed the uproar over his comments that President Obama should keep his word and allow people to stay on their current plans.

Many saw his statement as him distancing Hillary Clinton from Obamacare for 2016.

“I was trying to be supportive of him,” Clinton said. “I don’t think you can find anybody in America who’s worked harder for his reelection or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the American people more than I did.”

Clinton also argued that he did not get out in front of the administration, as by that point the president had addressed the broken promise. Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. If they can not get people to willingly comply, next they may create an event designed to cause many to comply.
    Why is it that most political pawns and their controlled media have the masses fixated on repairing a dysfunctional website, playing the abortion/religion card and/or extending the sign-up date? None of these fix the underlying problem. The problem is corporate greed and voters not being allowed to vote on how they are governed!
    Because I choose to operate a deadly weapon on the streets of my community, I am then responsible to carry auto insurance in the event that I cause harm to another. In the days ahead, if enough people do not sign-up for this so called “Affordable Health Care Act”, the ruling class may create another 9-11 fear based event that will drive the masses into compliance. If that does not work, they may then write laws forcing compliance.
    But why? Does the ruling class really care if their subjects are healthily?
    Don’t kid your-self. Follow the money and ask your-self what better way for the ruling class to control the flow of money than to control the mass mind.
    By using whatever tactic required to implant Smart-chips, the ruling class corporations, such as the AMA, Big Parmakia and insurance companies will create massive wealth.
    However, it is possible that this Smart-chip may be deigned to resonate at a frequency similar to that of HAARP which is designed to create an alpha wave which causes people to become even more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion? Hitler’s 3rd Reich was a trial run. The 4th Reich began when We, the People allowed the ruling class to rob us of our Constitutional Republic and install their Corporate Democratic Dictatorship.
    However, there is more to the story than most can know. If you love playing in the dirt (physical mass) the ruling class will, not only continue to have dominion over you, but will also make sure you get dirty;


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