Cleveland Gas Station Features Grotesque Anti-Semitic Images


cleveland-gas-stationA Cleveland gas station owned by a Palestinian American is drawing attention for a series of grotesque anti-Israel and anti-Semitic murals featured on its walls.

The gas station and convenience store called Biggie’s, located on East 55th Street and Cedar Ave in Cleveland, is owned by Palestinian-American Brahim “Abe” Ayad, who has been the target of criticism for several years due to the hateful images, the Cleveland Jewish News reported.

One of the most offensive images is that of a so-called “Talmudic Priest” wearing a yarmulke while circumcising an infant with his teeth.

In a recent interview with Cleveland’s Action News 19, Ayad said he was actually disturbed by the image, even though he allowed it to be painted on his gas station’s wall.

“Yes, I am-actually, I am very-but that is all I have to say,” Ayad said.

The gas station also sits across the street from George Washington Carver elementary school, where one of the murals can be clearly seen from the playground, Action News 19 reported.

According to additional images posted by the Elder of Ziyon blog, the other pictures blame Israel for the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, and accuse Jews of “killing Jesus” and of controlling American foreign policy.


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  1. That’s ok. Ever since the Muslem Arabs took out the Twin Towers, killing 3000 Americans, any critisism of Arabs, is off limits! Hussain Obama wants to make sure no Arab should feel he’s looked at in the wrong way. If anyone would dare, even hint, at making fun of Islam or the Koran, the world would end as we know it! Remember, 4 Americans stationed in Bengazhi were slaughtered, because of an anti Muslem film.

  2. I live near Cleveland. This is very horrible indeed. To think I hear it on Matzav and never on the local news. How is that for American Coverage of the scary news. I could be living next to an axe murderer and I would not hear about it if the public had been informed probably because its just an anti-jewish crime and not a threat to the rest of the public. When is America going to wake up that Crimes against Israel are crimes against future democracy? Shameful!


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