City’s Most-Wanted Bank Robber Strikes for 7th Time


holiday-robberNew York City’s most wanted bank robber struck again on Wednesday – for the seventh time. “Holiday Bandit” Marat Mikhaylich walked into the Investors Savings Bank in Astoria, Queens, about 1 p.m. armed with a gun and a note demanding cash, the FBI said.

The brazen Mikhaylich, who stands out in a crowd at 6-feet-5, has knocked over two banks this week, authorities said, stoking fears his crime spree is fueled by a raging drug habit.

The gangly goon pocketed “chump change” Wednesday and may be amping up to hit another bank as soon as today, a law enforcement source said.

“He’s becoming increasingly aggressive,” said supervisory special agent Barbara Daly of the FBI-NYPD joint bank robbery task force.

On Sunday, Mikhaylich held up not one, but two tellers at the Capital One Bank in Borough Park because he wasn’t satisfied with the amount of cash he got from the first teller, officials said.

Dubbed the “Holiday Bandit” because his stickup spree began in December, he has robbed four banks in Astoria and Long Island City, two in Brooklyn and one on Staten Island, making off with more than $50,000, the feds say.

In the Staten Island heist, he somehow gave authorities the slip despite a police helicopter searching from the sky and swarms of cops on the ground.

Mikhaylich flees on foot. No witness has spotted him ducking into a getaway car, Daly said.

The 35-year-old Ukraine-born thug speaks Russian and in social settings calls himself “Mark.”

He once lived in California and has no prior criminal record, officials said.

“There’s not a lot known about him,” Daly said.

And he’s not the most sophisticated thief, either.

He’s left fingerprints all over withdrawal slips, the notes he’s given tellers and paper currency straps, a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court says.

He does appear to know how tellers work.

“No dye packs. No alarm. No bait money,” stated his note from a Dec. 30 robbery of a Sovereign Bank in Long Island City.

After the teller handed over money from her top drawer, Mikhaylich pointed with his handgun and demanded that she also hand over money from the bottom drawer at her station, according to FBI agent Benjamin Langel.

The FBI is offering a “significant” reward for tips that lead to Mikhaylich’s capture. Anyone with information is asked to call (212) 384-1000.

No one has pulled more armed robberies in the city than Mikhaylich since 2009, feds say, but they’re concerned about him attaining cult status like a wanna-be John Dillinger.

“Our fear is empowering him to live up to some public image,” Daly said.

An employee who asked not to be named was shocked when informed the bandit was tops on the FBI most wanted list.

“Nooo, not really?” the worker said.

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  1. This is another example of how incompetant the NYPD is! This guy is on all the video camera’s, figerprints all over the place, the guys name & address, etc…! Last week, Max Gelman was on the run for 28 hours before a “citizen” called him in! The bottom line is: The NYPD doesn’t care! I never trusted Ray Kelly, ever since his Dinkins days! If one of their own was hurt or killed, within minutes they would have their suspect! We pay a lot of tax money to support these do nothing, ticket givers! This has got to stop! The first step is for Ray “kiss up” Kelly to step down immediatly!


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