City Council Candidate Profile: David Storobin


david-storobinBy Itzhak Katz

David Storobin is a New York attorney, real estate broker and a former New York State Senator. At the time when he was our State Senator, David was the only Jewish Republican elected in New York City.

David Storobin’s story is that of a man chasing the American Dream. He was raised poor, but through education and hard work, went on to start his own law firm at the age of 25: “Since I had only meager savings at this young age, I had to max out my all my credit cards, the only time in my life when I did not pay them off in full,” remembered David Storobin. “I started by working out of my friend’s office, then got a one-room office. Today, I have two full-sized offices with many people working for us.”

David Storobin talking to students.
David Storobin talking to students.

When David Storobin got elected to the State Senate, he made education reform, tax cuts and reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy a priority. He became the first sponsor of school vouchers, and backed additional funding to help private schools and special needs programs. David says that these were crucial issues for him because of his background. “If I didn’t have the chance to get a quality education, I wouldn’t have been able to leave poverty. Having a proper tax policy and bureaucracy is something that I understand as a small business owner. We need to have an environment that is conducive to job creation.

Today, David Storobin is running for the 48th District of the New York City Council, comprising of Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Gravesend and Kings Highway. These were the areas of his strongest support in his State Senate election win.

As Councilman, David Storobin will fight for taxpayers, promising to sponsor the repeal of the 18.5% property tax hike under the Mike Bloomberg administration. “Our economic crises has been caused by foreclosures, and forcing homeowners to pay more will only make our recession worse. We need tax relief to help restore our economy.” He also will work to bring back the funding for the after-school vouchers that have been radically cut in the recent years.

Being smart and energetic – while better than the opposite – certainly doesn’t guarantee electoral success. But Storobin has a lot more going for him. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has endorsed his candidacy, as did Congressman Michael Grimm, Senator Marty Golden and many other elected officials, community activists and Rabbis.

As the election approaches, David Storobin is the strong favorite to win.

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