Christie: Obama Does Not Support Law Enforcement Officers


CHRIS CHRISTIEPresident Barack Obama “does not support law enforcement,” GOP candidate Chris Christie said Monday, and he is angry that the nation’s leader will visit his state today “to take credit” for the state’s decline in crime.

“He’s going to come today to New Jersey to a place, where under my tenure, we have reduced crime by 20 percent and reduced the prison population by 10 percent,” the New Jersey governor told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “He’s going to come to New Jersey to take credit because it is one of the few places in the country that’s been happening. He has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

In his visit to a drug treatment center in Newark, N.J., Obama plans to call attention to a push for breaking the cycle of incarceration with programs to help former inmates successfully re-enter society, according to wire reports. Christie has planned his own events in Camden on Monday.

Christie further complained Monday morning that the president has done nothing for criminal justice reform for the past seven years, and pushes back against FBI Director Jim Comey, who said last month that intense scrutiny of police activities leads to increased violence against officers.

And while Christie said he prosecuted police while he was a U.S. attorney, they still deserve to be supported first and foremost, and he agrees with Comey’s assessment that there is a “chill wind blowing” for law enforcement officers.

“Police officers are afraid to get out of their cars because the political leaders in the country are not supporting them,” said Christie. “I’m going to be one of those political leaders who will support the police.”

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