China Ends Video Game Ban


xboxChina’s Ministry of Culture released a statement Saturday lifting a 15-year ban on video game consoles in the country.

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft among others will now be able to manufacture and sell consoles and games throughout the country.

In 2000, video games were banned due to concerns about their potential negative effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of children.

China created a free trade zone in Shanghai last year that allowed console-makers to work within an 11-mile area. Read more at The Verge.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. China was on to something great! Although I was an avid video game player, studies show that over exposure to these things can cause anxiety and even depression. Let’s get our kids out and have them play outside or read paper books!
    In fact, in our home, we have a minute for minute system. For each minute they read a book or play outside, they get a minute of electronics. This both increases other activities and decreases use of technology. Hey, maybe China should now adopt THAT policy!

  2. That’s interesting that this story should be on the Torah news source site, but because it is, I will mark tis occasion with a


    Hashem is a Master of War and mild video gaming can design the eye to have skills that can guide its thought process.

    The eye that reads Torah can actually improve because time that comes from heaven can be rigged by the gaming experience.

    This was, in the child’s 40s and older, he can see Hashem designed his mind to tackle more enemy concerns and new Torah constructs.

    I played video games as a non-orthodox youth and I see it helps my eye processes today. That helps me move with new Torah plans.

    Not crazy.

    Make sure your blips are friendly.



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