Children Move To Peleg Schools


Rav Shmuel Auerbach, head of the Peleg Yerushalmi group which opposes yeshiva students even appearing at IDF induction centers to receive exemptions, instructed parents to remove their children from chadorim and schools sympathetic to the group and place them in the Peleg’s own institutions due to the interference of the Education Ministry in chareidi schools. Rav Shmuel warned of the importance “to guard the container of pure oil passed down from generation to generation.”

Unlike most chareidi institutions, Peleg takes no funds from the government.

Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar, who also opposes Israeli government funding of schools, praised Peleg’s policy at a recent tish.

Due to the transfer, the number of boys learning in Peleg’s Tiferes Tzion Talmud Torah in Bnei Brak grew from 240 to 800. The group’s Sarah Shnerer Bais Yaakov in Bnei Brak has 570 girls and its Ohel Rochel high school has 350 students.

610 boys are registered in a new Talmud Torah in Yerushalayim and 490 girls are learning in a Yerushalayim Bais Yaakov. A smaller Talmud Torah was established in the Neveh Yaakov neighborhood of Yerushalayim and close to 300 students registered in the group’s Da’as Zekeinim Talmud Torah in Modi’in.

{David Steger – Israel News Bureau}


  1. Yes, its true that the Etzniks are trying to split their faction away from the mainstream Bnai Torah community of Eretz Yisroel united under the direction of the Gedolei HaDor and all the major Roshei Yeshiva and Rabanim. In fact, it is their right to follow their leader who is a Gadol in his own right. But to say that there is something amiss in the mainstream due to their approach to draft deferment as opposed to the approach of Rav Auerbach, is beyond belief.
    The fact is that the new schools and the “big switch” constitute less than 200 children in Yerushalayim and Bnai Brak combined. The schools WILL be taking government money as has been the shita promulgated by Rav Schach zt’l, Rav Shlomo Zalman zt’l and the Steipler zt’l and the Gedolei HaDor of the past. The very fact that the Peleg has a political party and participates in Israeli elections marks them as “beyond the pale” as far as Satmar is concerned. To think they are being lauded in Monroe or Williamsburg is ludicrous.

  2. Those who have taken upon themselves to undermine the Torah hierarchy of our generation are striving for acceptance in the court of American public opinion.


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