Child With Measles Was At 2 Additional Stores In Monsey


measlesThe family of a child who contracted measles has alerted health officials that the youngster was at two additional Monsey stores last week.

The Rockland Department of Health is warning shoppers who were at Toys 4 U and Supreme Health Food Center, both at 27 Orchard St., shortly after 6 p.m. May 20 that they might have come in contact with the child. The youngster was also at the Hatzlacha grocery store at 80 West St. between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

As a result, health officials are extending the date when anyone who contracted the disease from the child might show symptoms to June 12, acting Rockland Commissioner of Health Kathleen Henry said Tuesday.

“We are going to be on high alert until June 12,” she said. “We are watching this very closely to make sure it doesn’t explode.”

Health officials have sent alerts to pediatricians and family practitioners warning them that measles has been diagnosed.

No additional cases have been reported to health officials.

Read more at The Journal News.

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  1. #1, we are approaching the three weeks pretty soon – you should know that almost all of the measles outbreaks occur in vaccinated children. it’s a live vaccine and not particularly effective.

  2. FYI. According to the City of New York none of the children with Measles were vaccinated. Get your children their Measles Vaccine. It may save their life.


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