Cheney: Obama ‘Demonstrated Repeatedly’ He Can Be Pushed Around


cheneyFormer Vice President Cheney: “I think you’ve got to look beyond just that most immediate crisis. Obviously, we’ve got to deal with that. But there has developed over the years of the Obama administration, I think, a sense on the part of others that we have a weak government.

“We saw, for example, at the mere request from Putin, President Obama withdrew the plans for a missile defense program based in Poland and the Czech Republic. He’s demonstrated repeatedly, I think, that he, in fact, can be pushed around, if you will, by a — by the Putins. And I don’t think by — Mr. Putin has any hesitation at all, from the standpoint of the American president, of changing his course of action.

“I think he’s taken advantage of this opportunity when he thinks we have a weak president to try to restore some of the old Soviet Union.”

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  1. I think he pushes more people around than he being pushed. He is only pushed by foreign countries who laugh at his un-leadership

  2. The last thing we need in a very unvoiced presidency is a creation of anger and resentment from a source of disrespect to human development. Mr. Cheney is correct that Mr. Obama is not doing that great. But it is not wise to stack the books against the president when you yourself were not much better in your own forceful hate of human development. Cheney can go find his batman somewhere else. We are here in America praying that someone in Heaven has better preparations for Mr. Obama’s future than the callings of the creek of pain. Never Again.

  3. The US and Israel both would be better off had we pushed Cheney and Bush around and not let them invade Iraq. After that disaster he has no business lecturing anyone on foreign policy!

  4. Dick Cheney knows more about foreign policy than anyone currently in Obama’s Administration.

    Anyone (Obama) that has:
    1) Taken the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
    2) Shaken hands with Raul Castro
    3) Practically kissed the feet of Hugo Chavez
    4) Practically genuflected in front of Daniel Ortega
    5) Surreptitiously tried to make a deal with Vladamir Putin behind closed mike
    6) Repeatedly ticked off our allies such as England, Canada, and Israel — to name a few.
    7) The failure in taking on a leadership role in Syria’s civil war
    8) Iraq’s power vacuum is being infiltrated by Al Queda
    9) Afghanistan (Obama’s War) is a mess
    10)North Korea thumbs their nose at the U.S.
    11)The utter failure at Benghazi

    After all these disasters — and many more — neither Obama nor Hillary has no business lecturing anyone on foreign policy!


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