Chassidishe Bochur Injured On Forklift Following Satmar 21 Kislev Celebration


injury-satmarNew York – A bochur was critically injured Sunday after he crashed a forklift inside a Williamsburg armory. The unidentified 17-year-old was part of a crew dismantling a stage inside the state-owned armory on Marcy Ave. near Heyward St. about 6:30 p.m.

He backed into a metal beam and was wedged behind the wheel of the forklift, witnesses said.

The teen was among workers dismantling a stage following an asifa on Motzoei Shabbos to mark the 67th anniversary of the Satmar Rebbe, Rav Yoel Teitelbaum’s escape from Hungary during the Nazi occupation in 1944.

The injured bochur was taken to Bellevue hospital in Manhattan where he was listed in critical condition, police said.

The gathering at the armory was presided over by Rav Aharon Teitelbaum of Satmar.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Correction: The Armory in Williamsburg where this indecent happened was used by Rav Zalmen Teitelbaum on Mutze Shabbos and not Rav Arhon he used the Aromry in CH on Bedford Ave.
    #2 Be Mispalel foe the Bucher Yakov Mier ben Bina

  2. a forklift is not a simple machine it is a rather complicated machine with potentiol for serious injury or worse to the driver or anyone in the vicinity a forklift should only be operated by a person trained in operating a forklift with some minimum experiance may Heaven grant the boy a complete Refua Sheleima

  3. “why does everyone ask for the name when it was already posted in the first comment.”

    No doubt because at the time they submitted their requests Daven #1’s message had not yet appeared.

    There really is no need to be so tetchy, you know.


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