Chareidim Oppose Haifa Cable Car Because of Chillul Shabbos


Chareidi councilmen of the Haifa municipality voted against the construction of a three mile cable car system that would connect 1,800 travelers hourly from the beach area to the Technion and the Haifa University located high on the slopes of Carmel Mountain.

Head of the chareidi faction Michi Alfer led the opposition to the project, which has been discussed for the past fifteen years, after he asked for and received no commitment from the people involved to ensure that the cable car would not operate on Shabbos.

Alfer’s suspicions were aroused by an advertisement of Yefeh Nof, a subsidiary of the Haifa municipality, which stated that the cable car would be available for people visiting the Carmel Park on weekends and yomim tovim.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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