Chag Kosher Vesomeiach from the Team


matzav-logo1The staff at would like to wish all of our readers around the globe a chag kosher vesomeiach and a kosheren Pesach. We are grateful to all those who have supported in this important endeavor to provide a kosher and intriguing Torah newscenter for the greater frum community. We express our gratitude to the rabbonim and roshei yeshiva who have encouraged and guided us. Of course, we thank our supporters, sponsors and advertisers, as well as our dedicated readers and contributors from countries around the world.

Special thanks to Yair Alpert, the veteran author and reporter who leads our division in Israel. Our U.S. division is led by the indefatigable Elisha Ferber. We thank our other writers and contributors, including Rabbi Yosef Shubert, Yosef and Naomi Amdurski, Rivky Netzer and C. Davidowitz. We also thank Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, Rabbi Naftoli Hoff and others who allow us to exclusively post their articles here. Finally, we thank our dear and loyal friends, including Shua Kessin, Yossi Zweig, Mr. Larry Gordon, Yossi Tepper, Moshe Bree, and others. We apologize to those who we may have omitted by name.

As we are currently celebrating one year since our inception, we also thank those who contributed to the site at the beginning and have since moved on. Their friendship and loyalty are still special to the entire team.

We thank the team of graphic artists who helped create this newly designed site which was launched several months ago. We thank them for their continued technical support and expertise. Much work and countless hours went into designing a site that would be user friendly, exciting and feature-filled. Our video section itself receives tens of thousands of visits each day and we thank our readers for that.

So thank you for making the #1 Torah news site on the Web. Look out for continued new features from, including a new venture that will change the way members of the frum community access and utilize the internet. Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful and meaningful Yom Tov.

Dovi Bernstein

On behalf of the staff



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