Celebrating a Decade of Hope: Bonei Olam Annual NY Dinner Tonight


bonei-olamThe much anticipated, annual Bonei Olam New York dinner will take place tonight, at Ateres Chaya Hall in Boro Park. The dinner is open to everyone to attend. Join Bonei Olam in celebrating the births of over 1,500 Yiddishe kinderlach across the world.  Bonei Olam is the renowned global organization that for the past decade, has undertaken the awesome responsibility of financing fertility, genetic, pre/post cancer and other related treatments for couples that have not yet been blessed with a child of their own. Bonei Olam’s goal is to help fill all empty Yiddishe homes with the joy of a healthy child.

 This dinner is one of the most anticipated events in the Boro Park community, annually drawing countless thousands of participants who fill up every space in Ateres Chaya as well as the adjacent overflow halls.

 Special at this year’s dinner, the crowd will get to hear from Rabbi Sholom Bochner, the father of Bonei Olam’s leader, Rabbi Shloime Bochner.

There will also be a brand new video presentation, which will be shown at 7:45 pm sharp. The guest speaker at the event will be Rav Ahron Tausig, Rosh Yeshiva of

Alexander Yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel. R’ Pinchos Weber and Hamezamrim will also be performing a “Mitzvah Tantz” which is not to be missed.

 Your support and participation at any Bonei Olam event around the world, from a small breakfast to a massive dinner, makes you a partner with the Creator Himself in the miracle of life!

 For more information about Bonei Olam, or to watch dozens of inspiring videos please visit their comprehensive website www.BoneiOlam.org

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