Carter Expresses Concern to Bolivian President Over Ostreicher Incarceration


jimmy-carter1The U.S. government is pressuring Bolivia to free American businessman Yanky Ostreicher, detained without charge since 2011 in a case that has drawn accusations he was the victim of corrupt local prosecutors.

International pressure on Bolivian President Evo Morales could help free yanky.

Former President Jimmy Carter brought up Ostreicher’s case during a meeting with Morales in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday. They discussed, among other things, U.S.-Bolivian relations and the inter American human rights system.

Carter, who also met with former Bolivian President Eduardo Rodriguez, expressed his concern about Yanky’s five month house arrest in Bolivia.

According to a statement issued by the Carter Center, the Bolivian delegation said that Ostreicher’s legal process should be expedited.

Six Bolivian government officials who initially led Ostreicher’s prosecution are now themselves in jail on accusations of participating in a shakedown ring that allegedly preyed on people deemed to have deep pockets.

Ostreicher’s lawyer, Jimmy Montano, said Fernando Rivera, the former top legal adviser in the Interior Ministry and the highest government official jailed in the case, apologized in court last month and said he was following orders of Sacha Llorenti, who was then minister of the presidency and is currently Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Now you understand why we cannot burn our bridges with anyone – not even Carter. “Ayn licha adam she-ayn lo sha’a.”


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