Can Israeli Technology Stop Swine Flu?


swine-flu7A Petach Tikvah start-up has developed a system – called the Bull-Connect – that can remotely monitor the health of each pig in a herd, permitting illnesses to be detected and isolated promptly. “With this technology, I can know in real time about any epidemic breakout, and I can monitor it and immediately isolate the area,” Sharon Soustiel, CartaSense’s chief operation officer, said yesterday. The company originally developed the Bull-Connect technology to monitor herds of cattle, but it has received renewed attention with the recent focus on containing swine flu, since it can also be used for pigs.A sensor placed on each animal’s ear monitors its temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and location.

“All of this physical information can give us in real time the information to know if the cattle is sick or not,” Soustiel said.

“We make a wireless network from all of the cattle,” he said.

The three-year-old company specializes in wireless communication solutions for agriculture. It has developed the wireless technology for Bull-Connect, but still needs to find a partner to finish development of the product and manufacture it.

Soustiel said the product could be on the market in less than a year.

Bull-Connect will be one of the many innovations presented at Israel’s largest agricultural exhibition, Agritech Israel 2009, which begins on Tuesday at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds.

{Yair Israel/Sam Greenberg-JPost}


  1. Somebody’s confused here. One doesn’t catch swine flu from pigs. It’s an combination of swine flu, bird flu and human flu, and so far it has only been known to pass from human to human.

    A pig with the flu virus need not show symptoms. In any case, flu virus recombination doesn’t need to take place in pigs.

    A better tactic would be to improve public health measures, like washing hands and encouraging sick people to stay home.

  2. If any country get find a cure it will be Eretz Hakodesh and the chochma given to klal yisroel. There have been several medical breakthrough from the Weizman Science Institute in the field of cancer–ken yerbuah.


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