Called Up to the Big Leagues…and Turning it Down for Shabbos


shachar-mosheCan you imagine a player on a Minor League team rejecting the call up to the Big Leagues? He has been playing for years, working and training, all for the day he would get that call saying, “We think you are ready for the Big Leagues.” He finally gets the call. How often do you think it happens that he says, “No, thank you”?

Well, it happened in Israel. A religious footballer, Shahar Moshe, in the “minor leagues” – the A League – playing for HaShikma Ramat Chen team, got the call up to try out for HaPoel Tel Aviv in the premier football league.

While Ramat Chen plays their games on Fridays, the jump to the Big Leagues means playing on Shabbos. Shahar Moshe asked the Rosh Yeshiva of the yeshiva he learns in what to do. Rav Eliyahu Malka recommended that he stay and play for the Sycamores in Ramat Chen and not be mechalel Shabbos.

And that’s what he chose to do.

Shahar Moshe said, “The Torah is more important to me than football. If that is what my rov told me to do, that is holy in my eyes. Shabbos is the source of all blessings.”

A kiddush Hashem for doing the right thing, and making what must have been a difficult choice.

(Mynet/Rafi G-Life in Israel/ Newscenter)


  1. Way to go Shahar! You’re an inspiration to us all. May Hashem bless you with everything good ad me’ah v’esrim.

  2. My father, may he live and be well, was in the minor leagues playing for the Cincinnati Reds farm team in the 1940’s. The rabbi of his shul influenced him to keep Shabbos. This led to his decision to quit the team. The family that was produced from his decision, are eternally grateful, that there is one less professional baseball player in this world.


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