Brussels Attackers Linked to Suspected Nuclear Plot


The two brothers who helped carry out the attacks in Brussels this week that killed dozens and wounded hundreds reportedly were also involved in the secret videotaping of a Belgian nuclear scientist, a development that has raised fears the extremists were seeking to secure radioactive material for a dirty bomb.

Reports surfaced in February that a police search of the apartment of a suspected participant in the November Paris attacks yielded roughly 12 hours of video footage surveilling the home of the director of research for the Belgian nuclear program. The footage is now believed to have been recorded by Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, according to information obtained by Belgian newspaper Derniere Heuere. Read more at US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.



  1. Just make sure that the human rights groups don’t get offended by what you’re doing because if you stop them from committing a horrible act without the proper legal authority it’s not nice

  2. Let Europe burn – they created and gave support to Arab terrorism as a proxy to hurt Jews, not they themselves hurt.


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