Brooklyn District Attorney Announces Real Estate Scam Bust


charles-j-hynes-2Eighteen people have been charged in connection with a real estate scam in Brooklyn. Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes says the defendants ran a variety of scams, including trying to sell or rent property they did not own or forging a power of attorney to gain a reverse mortgage on a property.

Former City Councilman Kendall Stewart was among the victims.

The cases were uncovered by the DA’s Mortgage Fraud and Real Estate Crimes Unit, which was created in 2009.

“For those who steal, the message is very simple: it is not whether you get caught, it is when you get caught,” said the district attorney.

“If you’re gonna prey on the most defenseless of people, when they’re trying to achieve their dream and own a home, you better watch out,” said Senator Charles Schumer.

If convicted, defendants could face prison terms ranging from four to 15 years behind bars.

{NY1/ Newscenter}


  1. #4:
    Either one.
    But better for us to be victims of a scam than for there to be a major chillul Hashem because unzere were part of a scam.


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