Breslov Glasses Stickers Ensure Shmiras Einayim In-Flight


tznius-glassesWe’re all familiar with the eye masks passengers wear on planes to help them sleep, but avoiding “forbidden sights” – such as films screened during flights – entails a new invention.

A chareidi organization affiliated with Breslov movement is offering Jews flying to the kever of Rav Nachman of Breslov in Uman sealed stickers that can be attached to the lenses of their glasses in order to guarantee “full eye protection.”

A leaflet distributed in recent days among the Hasidim, on behalf of the Purity of the Camp organization, informs them of a step up in the struggle for “filmless flights.”

משפיעי אנ"ש מוכנים להצטלם כדי שעוד אחד ישמור את עיניו (צילום: בחדרי חרדים)

Previously, the organization produced personal screens allowing each passenger to separate himself from his surroundings on the plane. Now it is recommending using a stricter method which involves sealing one’s eyes.

The four-page leaflet includes pictures of several Breslovers wearing scarves restricting their eyesight or glasses with the “modesty stickers.”

The leaflet explains that the rabbis pictured in the ads agreed to engage in “modeling” in order to “help one more person protect his eyes.”
"כדי לא להיטמא בכיעור הסרטים" (צילום: בחדרי חרדים)

“This is how they traveled to Uman last year with a smile,” says the caption to a picture showing the rabbis with shawls covering their faces. “This year we recommend travelling with the scarves too, but if you find it difficult – you can use the glasses instead.”

According to the leaflet, the variety of solutions offered “to protect the eyes” were formed after charedim who flew to New York were forced to tie their children’s eyes with a handkerchief for more than 10 hours so that they would not be “contaminated by the ugliness of the films.”

The leaflets also present illustrations of the accessories, as well as impressions and recommendations from Breslovers who have already used them.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. I have yet to see a picture of the Chofetz Chaim wearing one of those glasses when walking through the streets. Or Rav Shach or any other godol for that matter. There have been pictures of Rav Elchonon Wasserman in America when collecting. I am sure the Tumah was far greater in NYC than in Baronovitch, yet he never opted for those glasses. These people are the true definition of a chossid shoitah


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