BREAKING: Bomb Threat Evacuates 770 (Photos)


770The New York Police Department has evacuated 770 Eastern Parkway because of a bomb threat that was phoned in. The main shul at Lubavitch World Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, was evacuated on Tuesday night.

Detectives of the New York Police Department have swarmed 770 Eastern Parkway after a phone call said that an explosive device was placed in the known building.

“We trace(d) the phone call back to a psych ward but we’re still taking all precautions,” a source in the NYPD told

Volunteers from the Shmira and Shomrim patrols have assisted in the sweep of the large synagogue and its many rooms.

Chanina Sperlin, the community activist who was there as a NYPD Clergy Liaison, updated that no bomb or harmful objects were found and that 770 is now reopened again.

Hours earlier, the NYPD and counter-terrorism experts held a security briefing with directors of Jewish schools and organization in Crown Heights to discuss potential terror scenarios and measures in place to prevent them.


{ Newscenter}



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