Boro Park Rav Hamachshir Requests Name Change for Sushi Meshuga


sushi-meshugahIf you pass 13th Avenue and 52nd Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn, you will notice a new store with a sign stating “Sushi Meshu_a,” with one letter of the word Meshugah missing. The owner of the store originally called his new establishment “Sushi Meshuga,” and the sign was already placed. However, Harav Yechiel Babad, the rav hamachshir on the store, saw the name and he requested that it be changed.The owner of the sushi store then had the ‘g’ of meshuga taken off and is replacing it with an ‘n’, so that the new name will be “Sushi Meshuna.”

{YiddisheNayis, YiddishReport/ Newscenter/Photo: YiddisheNayis}


  1. if the food is good who cares what the name is as long as the hashgacha is strict on the kashrus that’s what counts.

  2. WADR, I would rather eat from Sushi Meshuga than Sushi Meshuna. For some reason the first thing I think of when I hear the word meshuna is much less pleasant than meshuga.

  3. I think it was a good decision from the rav. I’m impressed that the owner cooperated. I think I might go try out some of his sushi.

  4. I think someone has to be meshuga to go for this sushi stuff it is a “maichel meshuna”. Fish is meant to be eaten cooked. Raw fish can kill you or give you parasites.

  5. Let those balei machshirim be busy with the important things and not about those small issues, I think this is nothing but a good way to distract the public from real kashrus issues and making himself appear on top of things although he isn’t.


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