Boo Boo: White House Accidentally Exposes Afghanistan CIA Chief’s Identity


ciaThe White House inadvertently exposed the name of the CIA’s top spy in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday when it gave the press a list of U.S. officials participating in President Barack Obama’s surprise visit to the troops.

According to The Washington Post, the White House released a new list without the name after their reporter raised questions about whether the inclusion was intended.

The list was emailed on Saturday night to reporters accompanying the president on the trip, and was then included in a pool report written by Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson. That report was released to more than 6,000 news organizations before Wilson noticed what he believed to be an error.

The name listed the person as “Chief of Station” in Kabul. The term is used by the CIA for the highest ranking spy in country, the Post reported.

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  1. how do u know it was a boo boo – maybe he wants him to quit and therefore put his name out ‘cuz he didn’t agree with his decisions

  2. It wasn’t the White House who compiled the list, it was “U.S. military officials”. And this was an accident, unlike the Bush Administration outing of Valerie Plame.


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