Bombs Contained Nails, Ball Bearings


boston-bombing4Officials tell CBS News that the bombs detonated at the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday were low-grade, improvised explosive devices containing nails and ball bearings.

Doctors treating the wounded also report removing metal shrapnel, including BB pellets, from the victims. The bombs were made to look like discarded property, though it is still unknown whether they were placed in trash cans or on the sidewalk, officials say.

CBS’s Charlie Kaye also reports that one of the devices, found near a Starbucks, may have been in a metal pressure cooker. The bombing killed three people and injured 176. Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Nail containing bombs were used by the Jew-hating Arabs countless times in Israel, causing thousands of tragedies among Jewish civilian victims. If only another news of another bombing in Israel would cause us at least as much grief as the Boston bombing news. If we don’t put our interests first, who will?

  2. to #3:
    It seems that the gentleman #2 expressed was his sense of poetic justice – the liberal Arab-terror-justifying town like Boston gets the same treatment as the victims of their beloved “freedom fighters”; obviously, we should never rejoice in someone’s misfortune, but perhaps this unfortunate bombing will open the eyes of the liberal American Arab-lovers. How can you infer that #2 is a Zionist, or what difference does the commenter’s political persuasion make regarding what he said? Does caring about Jews in the land of Israel make one a card-carrying member of the Zionist party?-then according to you, the Satmar Ruv was a Jew-loving Zionist. May you have a speedy recovery!


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