Bomb Explodes Near IDF Bulldozer At Gaza Border


An Israeli military bulldozer on routine assignment near the Israel-Gaza border was hit Friday when a roadside bomb that had been placed in its path exploded. No injuries were reported among the soldiers in and around the vehicle.

Israel Defense Forces combat engineering troops are routinely deployed with other troops to clear the area along the Gaza border fence of explosives planted by terrorists. Friday’s incident took place as the armored bulldozer, an IDF Caterpillar D9, was clearing a path on the western side of northern part of the fence.

Residents of nearby Israeli communities reported hearing a powerful blast. The military issued no special instructions for those communities, asking only the local security coordinators be on alert.

A terrorist plot to target Israeli troops patrolling the border was thwarted last month, when combat engineering forces discovered a cluster of roadside bombs planted near the fence. The explosives, rigged to a cell phone, were discovered as military sappers were examining the scene of an explosion that had taken place the day before.




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