Boehner: We Won’t Fight Same-Gender Marriage



John Boehner basically said his party will no longer stand in the way of toeivah marriage. The Republican speaker of the House said his caucus will not try to oppose the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on same-gender marriage.

“The court will make its decision, and that’s why they’re there, to be the highest court in the land,” Boehner said Thursday.

Under Boehner’s watch, House Republicans spent $3 million to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. Read more at the New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Strongly agree with Comment #1. from “FYI.” Very unfortunately, on very many of the key issues, very many of the “liberal” and “moderate” Republicans have become virtually the same as liberal Democrats. So at each election, the “choice” is really between the “Democrans” and the “Republicrats”! The talk show host Michael Savage has well expressed what many politically conservative people feel: “We’re tired of voting for you just because you have an ‘R’ in front of your name!”


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