Body of Moroccan Gadol Brought Home to Yerushalayim


yerushalayimThe body of the famous gadol baTorah Rav Reuven Ajeyani zt”l, head of the Etz Chaim Yeshiva in Sefrou, Morocco, has been interred in Yerushalayim – 70 years after his passing.

The levaya for the rav was held Wednesday during interrment at the Har Hamenuchos cemetery in Yerushalayim.

His body was found to be miraculously intact, without signs of decomposition, demonstrating his true virtue.

Famous for his vast knowledge of Gemara and Kabbolah, the rav was especially known for the brachos that he gave to followers who came seeking Divine salvation.

Sefrou, home to more than 30,000 people, and located about 30 kilometers south of Fez, no longer has a yeshiva today. Prior to the mass immigration of North African Jewry to Israel in the early 1950s, however, Sefriwi Jews numbered nearly 6,000 souls.

By the time of the 1967 Six Day War, however, that number had dropped to 650, according to A Moroccan Jewish Community during the Middle Eastern Crisis, an article written by Lawrence Rosen in The American Scholar in 1968.

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{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. What does it mean intact? Who saw the body and will give Eidus to this fact? If in fact this statement is true this is a public miracle and should not be just brushed over…..


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