Bloomberg: I Want Kelly To Stay In NYC


kelly-bloombergDoes the man in charge of the NYPD have a new job in his future? Mayor Bloomberg is decidedly unenthusiastic about the idea of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly being tapped to head the FBI.

“Ray Kelly served his time in Washington and did a great job there,” said Bloomberg. “I, for one, would like him…expect him to stay for the next 1,023 days.”

The mayor cited low crime and effective counter-terrorism, and added Kelly deserves a lot of the credit.

Director Robert Muller is planning to step down after his ten-year term this September, and Kelly has been suggested to the top spot by New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

{WCBS 880 NY/}


  1. Maybe someone should ask Kelly what HE would like? Sorry, Bloomy, you can’t have everything your way. You don’t own the world.


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