Bloomberg Blasts Media For Focusing On Weiner’s Possible Mayoral Run


bloombergThere’s one very important person in this city who doesn’t care much about Anthony Weiner’s past — Mayor Bloomberg.

The mayor chided the press yesterday for focusing so much attention on Weiner’s possible entry into the mayor’s race, a sensational development considering Weiner’s past proclivities.

The former congressman resigned in 2011.

“He’s got to decide whether he wants to run or not,” Bloomberg said, offering a pro forma response to a question being asked of many top politicians.

Then he added:

“I think the fact that that’s the question of the day…there’s got to be more important things than who runs or his history. We have major problems facing this city. Maybe that’s what you should be focusing on.”

After lecturing reporters attending his press conference in Brooklyn about the obligation of the press “to look beyond the bottom line and inform the public,” Bloomberg shrugged off Weiner’s past behavior as “irrelevant” to running the city.

“I haven’t seen one article talking about Anthony Weiner’s views on mass transit, like you talked about earlier, or anything else,” he said. “They’re all talking about something that is totally irrelevant to the problems of the city.”

The Post reported last year that Bloomberg had an unpublicized dinner with Weiner and his wife on June 27, 2010 at Testaccio restaurant in Long Island City.

When Weiner was under siege during the scandal in 2011, the mayor described his downfall as “tragic” and a “lost opportunity.”

Source: NY POST

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  1. I think that the fact that a public servant wasted his time obsessed with lewd text messages and pictures is quite relevant to the running of a city.

  2. I used to respect Bloomberg’s work for the city. He accomplished much and was independent of pressures, being wealthy and powerful before he came to office.

    This last reign, however is different. Besides for showing signs of either megalomania or beginnings of senility, his morals are beginning to show. Somehow it makes no difference how a person acts in private as long as he can hide his twisted outlook from the public, and even if he can’t who cares?

    This statement is less a defense of Weiner than an indictment of Bloomberg. The good mayor has already erased his personal past of rebuilding the city by focusing on what he believes is most important. The present of 16 oz sinful sodas, too much salt, and any other whim he deems urgent to publicize.

    Of course going after guns seems a worthy cause, but the approach is backward. Why not focus on making sure shooters are punished quickly? That would eliminate killers much more surely than checking backgrounds. Eliminate the insanity and temporary insanity plea. Even crazy people protect themselves if they know death is inevitable.

    Regardless of details, this mayor seems totally lost as to what is important and what isn’t. Attempting to bring back Weiner just underscores how confused he is.

  3. “Term Limits” is to foolish to recognize that Mayor Bloomberg is one of the best mayors the City of New York has ever had aside from Mayor Koch. Mayor Bloomberg is most helpful with health issues, enviroment, etc. You have no respect for a brillant man who has done alot for The City of New York people.

  4. This is t about seiner it’s about ban Berger. He isn’t getting the attention he craves and needs as a mayor that has done nothing but raise taxes and user fees Making it a city of the poor and wealthy. Banning soda salt formula and anything he deems unimportant.

  5. Do you live in New York? “Health issues & environment” is all you can come up with? Please detail for us exactly how Bl$$mberg has excelled in these area’s. How has he helped the “City of NY people” as you state?


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