Billionaire Brothers Give Ted Cruz $15M


ted cruzFarris and Dan Wilks, two billionaire brothers from Texas, have donated a whopping $15 million to Sen. Ted Cruz’s super PAC, setting a new record for the largest contribution so far in the 2016 race.

The Wilks brothers made their billions in the West Texas fracking boom and sold their company, Frac Tech, for $3.5 billion in 2011.

“Our country was founded on the idea that our rights come from the Creator, not the government. I’m afraid we’re losing that,” Farris Wilks told CNN. “Unless we elect a principled conservative leader ready to stand up for our values, we’ll look back on what once was the land of opportunity and pass on a less prosperous nation to our children and grandchildren. That’s why we need Ted Cruz.” Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}



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