Bill O’Reilly: Fox News ‘Stands Alone’ In Questioning Obama


bill_oreillyBill O’Reilly and Juan Williams agreed on one thing on Monday night: that Fox News is the only network that questions President Obama.

O’Reilly was reflecting on his time at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, and suggested that the press has “given up any skepticism” about Obama’s policies. Williams disagreed – saying that people do “fawn” over Obama, “but it’s not the whole story” – and pointed to Maureen Dowd’s criticism and the controversy over his skeet-shooting photo as examples.

However, they both agreed that Fox News got more attention at this year’s WHCD than before. “The reason that’s happening,” O’Reilly explained, “is that we stand alone here in FNC in our bringing skepticism to the president. We tell the folks when he does something right – I do at least – and then when he does something wrong, we say that.”

He continued, “But you’re not gonna get that on the other networks. There’s gotta be critical mass. It’s gotta be all over the place for those people to weigh in and you know what I’m talking about.”

“Clearly Fox is where you can see legitimate journalism taking place in terms of adversarial posture towards those in power,” Williams agreed.

“The press is supposed to be adversarial to those in power, but it’s not Juan, in the case of Barack Obama!” O’Reilly responded.

Obama roasted the media in his remarks at the WHCD. Fox News was the butt of one of his jokes, as were the other cable networks, Rush Limbaugh and NBC.

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