Bid On the First Pie of Pizza After Pesach in Miami for Hatzolah


hatzolah-miamiWhat would you bid to get one of the first pizzas out of the oven on Motzoei Yom Tov Pesach? Well, if you will be in South Florida for Yom Tov or have friends or realitves there, you will actually have that opportunity to bid
right now – and all proceeds will go to one of the most important tzedakos in town.

Many kosher pizza shops in town, Shemtov’s in Miami Beach, Jerusalem in North Miami Beach and Jona’s in Aventura, are now auctioning off their first five pizzas to help support the opening of South Florida’s first Hatzolah network.

Hatzolah of Miami-Dade, Inc., is the latest group organized under the guidance of Chevra Hatzolah in New York, and is under the auspices of the Rabbinical Council of South Florida and its senior rabbi, Rabbi Pinchos

To help raise the necessary funds the local pizza shops have organized a pizza auction. Readers may bid by
visiting (click here) by Monday April 6th. Readers are asked to contribute generously to this worthy endeavor.

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  1. bidding now before pesach for a pie of pizza!?!?!? but because the money is going to a worthy cause i would say its a neat idea

  2. i dont see anything wrong . there are plenty of ppl willing to pay extra for thier post pesach pizza and help an org in the process as well

  3. Have you not had enough food on pesach, we have to actually bid money! I have gone for at least a month without having a slice of pizza. I would love to see how much people would give without the whole pizza thing! It is piggish! We should give tzedakah even if we are not getting a pie of pizza!

  4. It’s a cute idea -a little gimmicky for tzedaka – It’s not like nobody’s is waiting on line for pizza – the line is out the door around the block – so what’s wrong with a little schtick for tzedoka – if you think pizza is piggish, then skip it – i happen to not like the mad rush motzai pesach – but most people consider it a tradition!

  5. I don’t understand?! It’s not like they’re running to buy they are just bidding in order to fufill the mitzvah of tzedakah in a creative way. whats wrong with that? of course pple should just give money but than what would be the point of the chinese auctions? It’s technically the same idea.

  6. mamesh pigish!! what mishigasion we eat left overs from passover and dont c”v do a mad dash for pizza!!oy oy!!

  7. Take a Chill: You are definatly right, it is going to tzedakah and they will have a lot of money from this. Nothing is really wrong but just the idea strikes me as something Jews should not be doing. I guess it is ok, but a little… not my type! (P.S. I do love pizza)

  8. Are you allowed to do this? The money is going into the organazation and it is like owning chametz on Pesach. I dont really get it. You know it is asur to plan for after shabbos so this is kinda the same thing. I am not fluent in the halachos of pesach but if someone can clarify this for me?

  9. What is wrong with you people? Do you think that Hatzalah hasn’t asked Daas Torah to approve this fundraising project? What ever happened to Dan Lekaf Zechus? Why is this any different then having ownership of a coupon that gives you a free bag of noodles when and if you exercize it.

    And about it being Piggish… What is so piggish about it? Do you have a problem with hatzalah for doing this? or with people donating funds this way?

    Anyone speaking negatively should focus on their own shortcomings before you make public comments of this nature.

    If you dont want pizza, nobody asked you to buy any. Then maybe YOU shoud set an example and go to their site and donate funds directly without bidding on the pizza even ON PESACH. The odds are that you won’t because you just want to complain about something that you don’t really care about.


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