Bibi’s Neighbors Complain About Parking Woes


bibis-houseThe security arrangements around Prime Minister Binyomin Netanyahu’s private residence in Yerushalayim have been boosted considerably since he took office, disrupting the lives of his neighbors. Neighborhood resident Yitzhcak Leibovich told Ynet that he returned home last night to discover that “half the vehicles on the street were blocked by barricades.” “It turned out that they decided to seal off parts of the street and take over 10-15 parking spots on one of Yerushalayim’s busiest streets,” he said. “As it is, it’s almost impossible to find parking there, and now it will be even more difficult; and we don’t even know how long it will last. In the evening, I’ll be forced to park far from home.”

Security guards deployed around Netanyahu’s home reportedly said they will stay there for several months. The Netanyahu family is expected to move into the official Prime Minister’s Residence, which is located up the street, during Pesach.

The Shin Bet issued the following response: “In the wake of Mr. Netanyahu’s appointment as prime minister, the security around him was boosted in line with the security requirements reserved for prime ministers. Among other things, this was done at his private residence…until he moves to the official PM’s residence. We regret the disruptions caused to neighbors and every effort will be made in order to adapt security arrangements to the daily life on the street.”

{Yair Israel/Ynet}



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