Bibi Gets His Own Hair Salon At Home


netanyahu1A hairdresser’s chair, a special basin for washing hair, a mirror, a hairdryer and of course scissors: You can find it all in the new hair salon in the Israeli prime minister’s residence in Yerushalayim.

Yediot Achronot reports that Binyamin and Sarah Netanyahu have recently installed a modest hair and makeup salon, with all the necessary accessories, in the prime minister’s residence – at their own expense.

The prime minister’s wife requested permission to install the basin where there was already a plumbing connection and a hairdresser’s chair.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated that the equipment was intended to reduce the number of times the prime ministerial entourage and security guards have to go to the hair salon or beauty parlor before events in which they appear together.

Thus, each time the Netanyahu couple order a hair stylist or makeup artist, they come to the small hair and makeup salon where the couple get themselves ready to go out.

The Prime Minister’s Office emphasized that the salon was installed at no expense to the taxpayer, and all the equipment was bought by the Netanyahu family.

The prime minister and his wife receive a budget of NIS 45,000 ($11,845) per year for personal appearance purposes, but the PMO said that they do not use it all. Netanyahu is known to be very aware of the importance of media appearances, and makes sure to prepare himself before each one.

Previous prime ministers did the same, and the Bureau is used to ordering in professional hair stylists before press conferences and television interviews.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. Hey all I do is grab my Wahl clipper and in two minutes my haircut is done. Twice a week. Fifty two weeks a year. Divide that by $30. Oh and the clippers last five years !!! Pennies a haircut. Why does anyone pay $20 for a cut? Don’t ask about my wife…


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