Bezeq Launches Kosher Phone Cards


bezeq-phone-cardOver one year after launching Kav Venaki, Bezeq is advancing toward the second phase of the revolution in kosher phone use it has been leading in cooperation with Vaadat HaRabbonim LeInyonei Tikshoret. During a recent press conference organized by advertising company Afikim, Bezeq unveiled its latest innovation in kosher communications: BezeqCards and other phone cards that cannot be used to access undesirable phone content, along with the Gold Public Telephone for use with the special phone cards and to be installed in yeshiva hallways.Bezeq presented figures indicating that 90 percent of chareidi households use its services, saying the majority of the chareidi public is aware of the company’s projects for the sake of chareidi community, including fostering Jewish values, promoting shemiras haloshon and special offers and discounts.

“The chareidi sector is important to us strategically and we have decided to work to make available products specifically adapted to this way of life,” Yigal Barkat, director of private sector marketing, told Yated Ne’eman of Eretz Yisroel.

Such innovations enable chareidi callers to use kosher phone services everywhere – at home, at public phones and at yeshiva.

{Yair Israel/Deiah veDibur}


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