Bernstein: Trump’s Lies Worse Than Nixon’s


Carl Bernstein, the investigative journalist who broke open the Watergate scandal, issued a stark warning about President-elect Donald Trump’s penchant for lying today.

“Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment. No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way this president-elect does,” Berstein said on CNN. “Richard Nixon was nothing, in terms of lying, compared to what we have seen from Donald Trump,” he said, adding that the “growing sense of authoritarianism” from Trump was a cause for concern. Read more at THE HILL.



  1. Even if Trump is a liar – which he isn’t, it’s only in the imagination of liberals – where is his outcry on the #1 liar-in-chief, thief, murderer, receiving bribes, joining satanic rituals, receiving money from Muslim terrorists, her arms deal with Islamic states, etc etc etc?

  2. Ah, just another bitter corrupt Democrat. This bum is jealous that Trump won and his and all reporters role will now be diminished. Na na na na na.

  3. Yes, Mr. Bernstein exposed Nixon’s team at great personal tisk, and deserved much credit for that. However, why is it that with his integrity, great scent, and moral fortitude he is able to sniff out only the Republican Party’s dog piles, carefully walking around the heaps of manure dumped all over by the Democrats, most notably the freshest ones by Hillary and company?


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