Bergdahl: Taliban Locked Me in a Cage


bergdahl-boweSgt. Bowe Bergdahl has revealed upsetting details about the torture he faced as a prisoner of the Taliban, including that he was locked in a metal cage in total darkness for weeks straight. According to a senior Defense Department official, Bergdahl said this was punishment for his attempts at escape, which was first reported by The Daily Beast last week.

Bergdahl has also reportedly declined to speak with his family and objects to being called sergeant as opposed to private first class, his rank when he was captured.

While Bergdahl seems largely physically unscathed (mostly some skin and gum disorders), medical officials are concerned about his psychological state. Medical specialists have not pushed Bergdahl for more details about why he left his post or his experience as a Taliban captive.

There is no deadline for his return to the U.S. because medical officials want to be more certain about his mental stability. While we don’t know the full details of Bergdahl’s experience yet, Senior Defense Department said it is safe to assume Bergdahl suffered “harsh condition,” noting “These are Taliban, not wet nurses.” Read more at New York Times.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Right or wrong
    These 5 terrorists are sitting 24\7 and plotting the #1 target. The world trade center. I wouldn’t rent space there

  2. is this what Obama & Kerry is telling him to say -?? the videos of him with his “captors” enjoying life shows a different picture….


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