Bergdahl Caught at Pot Farm During Raid


BergdahlBowe Bergdahl, a former missing U.S. soldier who is now being accused of desertion, was a surprise guest during a drug raid on Tuesday morning at a marijuana farm in northern California. Bergdahl was visiting a friend in Mendocino Country when the police force arrived. He was not arrested or connected with the farming of drugs.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said that the raid happened between 9 and 10 a.m. in a remote about seven miles from the nearest story. Bergdahl told him he knew the target of the raid, who had 181 plants, for 10 years. Upon entering, the deputies found five men, including Bergdahl, and asked them to show their ID. Bergdahl handed over his license and military ID.

The deputies detained Bergdahl until military officers picked him up around 4 p.m. He was never arrested, Allman said. It was in the course of those hours that deputies began to recognize him as a former prisoner of war held for five years in Afghanistan. “He was very polite,” Allman said. “He was very clear that he had not smoked marijuana.”

According to a spokesman at Fort Houston, Bergdahl was on authorized leave when the raid happened. He was not the target and was not charged, nor is the army is looking to charge him. “He did not do anything wrong,” the spokesman said. “He was not the target of the Sheriff’s investigation.” Bergdahl has returned to Fort Sam Houston. Read more at Anderson Valley Advertiser.

{Andy Newscenter}


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