Bein Adom L’chavero Email Launched In Wake Of Grossman Execution


grossman1On February 16, 2010, Martin Grossman was executed by the State of Florida. In the weeks preceding the execution, there was a remarkable outpouring of support from Jews around the world. Jewish people of every ‘label’ and stripe participated in the struggle to save Martin’s life. Unfortunately, all the efforts to save Martin’s life were unsuccessful. On the morning after his tragic death, what can we do to hold on to the tremendous inspiration that this campaign engendered?

 The demonstration of ahavas Yisrael and achdus was phenomenal.  Indeed, Mr. Grossman’s final words were… Ahavas Yisrael!

 It is seems obvious that Klal Yisrael should strengthen itself in ahavas Yisrael and Bein Adom L’Chavero. The Beis HaMikdosh was destroyed due to Sinas Chinam, and averos Bein Adom L’Chavero. Certainly, an effort to strengthen ahavas Yisrael will hasten the coming of Mashiach and the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdosh.

 Towards this end, Linas HaTzedek: The Center for Jewish Values announces an important new program. Today, the very day after Martin Grossman’s unfortunate death, the Center is launching a worldwide email list with a daily learning portion of Hilchos Bein Adom L’Chavero. Participation will be completely free. Subscribers will receive short daily emails on Hilchos Bein Adom L’Chavero. 

 The material will be based on The Code of Jewish Conduct, an English guide to Hilchos Bein Adom L’Chavero, written by Rav Yitzchak Silver under the Center’s auspices. It will also be possible to receive a Hebrew version, from Rav Silver’s Sefer Mishpatei HaShalom.

 Click here to sign up for the Daily Hilchos Bein Adom L’Chavero.

 May this program be a zechus for the neshama of Michoel Yechiel ben Avrohom a”h.

Linas HaTzedek: The Center for Jewish Values was founded in 5761/2001. The organization’s programs include: The Linas HaTzedek Kollel Network, an international group of Kollelim which study Bein Adom L’Chavero in depth; publication of Bein Adom L’Chavero materials for varied audiences in both Hebrew and English; shiurim and learning programs across the globe.  Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, a world-renowned expert on Bein Adom L’Chavero, serves as Dean and Rosh haKollelim.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Our feelings for this holy neshama seemed to have been left hanging after they went ahead with his murder. What a great way to turn those helpless feelings into something positive that will actually help Michoel Yechiel ben Avrohom in the real world!

  2. If we are truly honest with ourselves metaphysically we must realize the possibility that, in the eyes of heaven, we are guilty of our own misdeeds, and Hashem showed us Martin to see how He should judge us! How we judge Martin (we are not his judge, Hashem already judged) is how WE will be judged when OUR infractions are reviewed. Hope lies in forming ourselves into Klal Yisrael by rising above our own limitations in every regard in every way we can to express ahavas yisrael. The tefillos we gave for Martin did not help him but definitely helped US – we became united for that purpose. Let’s keep it up. No judging each other, just realize that Hashem Yisborach attaches Himself to Klal Yisrael, which means that we must be formed, and not divided, not hateful. Ahavas Yisrael is how we accomplish this.

  3. Amazing idea Martin was on his way to becoming a full bal tshuva and no he was not there yet and he didnt seem to be eating kosher before he died but who are we to judge considering that almost all his life he was not religious and this is what he was used to and so even the day of his death he just ate what made him full his whole life. now was this ideal well maybe not considering all that frum people did for him on his behalf but consider that we cant judge him considering his suffering in this world and how he was braught up and so this is the way forward judging favorably which is the way hashem will actually judge us and so bravado for this great idea.

  4. I don’t have time to check this out. I’m sure it’s legit but I would urge the people organizing this to put in a few sentences along the lines of, a zechus for etc., and inspiration for all who read to make a kabala to do what they can to ensure that no Jewish child should fall like that again.


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