Barak: UN Chief Impressed With Israel’s Response to Goldstone Report


barakIsraeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said today that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was “very impressed” with Israel’s response to the Goldstone Report and claimed it would be a mistake to set up an inquiry commission to investigate the report’s conclusions.

Speaking at a conference of the Israel Defense Forces’ senior commanding staff, Barak called the report, “biased, false and one-sided.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. The article is self-contradictory. If the report is “biased, false and one-sided” then there should be an inquiry commission to investigate the report’s conclusions. The medina deserves all the political flack it is getting, because it fought a “half-baked” war. If it was really intent on protecting Jewish lives, it should have finished the war by wiping out Hamas.

  2. Judge Goldstone Yimach shmo needs to be investigated by a top legal panel. One of his team was openly biased towards the Palestinians from the outset and she admitted it. I hope he is never ever allowed into Israel.

  3. “I hope he [Judge Richard Goldstone] is never ever allowed into Israel”

    Don’t worry, Anonymous: you will not have to make that decision.

    Leave it to the Israelis to take care of their own medinah while you remain in Flatbush or Williamsburg.

    But if there is ever an outbreak of anti-Semitism or pogrom (RL) in America, you will probably be over on the very first plane available.

  4. SG: So you truly believe “the Medinah” wasn’t intent on protecting Jewish lives? The mind boggles.

    Anonymous: “yemach shmo” is a bit strong, isn’t it? I’d characterise him as badly misguided and consumed by his credentials, but I’m not sure he deserves the death sentence you seem to be pronouncing over him. It’s not positive to engage in hyperbole.


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