Bad Choice of Purim Costumes


xmas-purim-costumes-smallThis Purim, like those in years past, saw numerous costumes and creative ideas. The costume of choice for one Yerushalayim family, however, has people scratching their heads. See larger image below.



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  1. Many yidden dress their kids as Haman or other goyim. Is this any worse?! Gadolim spoke out against dressing up kids to look like goyim or reshoyim, since it has a bad effect on their neshomos. Indeed, even having drawings of tomay animals have a bad influence (after such a Kol Korei, Mendel the “Mouse” was changed), unless it for a toeles such as learning niflo’as haboerh.

  2. Why is anything wrong? The oufits have zero religious connotation and were actually designed by Coca Cola in t he early 1900s.

  3. They obviously have no idea what it is, as did none of the people they delivered mishloach manos to, so what’s the problem.
    Walk down Geulah at succos-time and see how the Santa decorations are flying off the shelves. What they don’t know wont harm them.

  4. theres nothing “wrong” with it. people are so silly they dont even know that the red and white suit was invented by Coca Cola which is the same as their trademark label.

  5. “The oufits have zero religious connotation and were actually designed by Coca Cola in t he early 1900s.”

    Is it maybe OK to start celebrating Halloween and Valentine’s Day? After all, they have no religious connotation either… oh wait… Halloween began as a religious holiday (All Hallow’s Eve) and so did (Saint) Valentine’s Day. Guess want… “Santa Claus” is Dutch for “Saint Nicholas” an actual xtian saint. I guess there IS a religious connotation after all.

  6. for your information, they have never heard of Santa Claus. When my daughter in law came to New York during the month of December, she noted the Xmas decorations hanging across 18th avenue the the Bensonhurst area. I explained to her that this was the Xmas season. She had no idea of what I was talking about.
    So, get a life, and by the way, in their innocence they do look adorable.

    This would never fly in New York.

  7. I do believe in the innocence/naiveness of Yerushalmi Yiddin. (Look at the naiveness of the bachurim sitting in Japanese prisons.) What I do have a problem with is Beautiful Yiddishe non-naive families that dress their children in costumes that clearly violate Jewish ethical beliefs. For example, pirates, witches, wizards etc.. The Yerushalmi family, to be Dan them Lecaf Zechus, probably assumes their kids were dressed in adorable night caps and capes and not anything that could violate Jewish ethical beliefs. I wish I would have an easier time being Dan Lecaf Zechus all the Purim Pirots and Witches and Wizards.

  8. HITLER YOUTH????? That is a little over bourd. He killed 6,000,000 Jews, should we be intertwining Purim with that??? First of all, WHO ARE WE TO PUBLISIZE THESE PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE, LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT!!


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