Audio: Rav Gifter: “Diversity in Orthodoxy” & the Greatness of Maran Rav Shach


rav-gifter[Audio below.] In honor of Rav Mordechai Gifter’s yahrtzeit tomorrow, we present one of his classic drashos, titled “Diversity in Orthodoxy.” Noteworthy is Rav Gifter’s uplifting words of admiration for the  Rabbon Shel Kol Bnei Hagolah, Maran Rav Elazar Shach zt”l, the greatest oheiv Yisroel of his generation – “the head of the fanatics,” as Rav Gifter says.

This is a must-listen. Listen and be inspired. Part 1: Click to listen:

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Part 2: Click to listen:

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  1. The speach is very confusing as to what’s the title.

    the background is that Rav Gifter was invited to speak in a synagogue about “the accomplishments of the Yeshiva in the community” or the sort, but when he came he saw the poster that presented his address as part of a series “Diversity in Orthodoxy”, and the other speaker was… – so there you have it…

  2. There was an institution [A] in Cleveland that the Yeshiva was in strong support of (they were behind its founding). After many years there was a need for a similar type institution which service a different need. The Yeshiva was behind the founding of that institution [B] as well. One of the supporters of A was very upset about B.

    Rav Gifter addressed him head-on when A made a dinner and invited him to speak.

    “Mr ____, we must be unified, not uniform!”

  3. Rav Gifter, zatzal, wasn’t just “looking to the right” when he spoke. He was Rosh Yeshiva in Cleveland, and grew up in Baltimore. He didn’t care what color your hat was – he cared that you were a Jew.

  4. There is a famous story with the Rosh Hayeshiva he spoke in Lakewood after the shiva of Reb Shnuer ZT”L. He spoke about modernish yidden. his words were you think wearing color shirts, sandels and knittet yamalkahs is modern. No learning 5 blatt ah zamain that is modernish.


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