Audio: Niggun Shloime


skyline-music[Audio below] The following brand new song is from the upcoming Shloime Dachs Orchestra wedding album being produced by Shmuli Rosenberg and SkyLine Music, NYC. The finishing touches are being put on the album which includes the following brand new song, Niggun Shloime. To listen, click below:


Produced by: Shmuli Rosenberg / SkyLine Music, NYC (

Arranged and Conducted by: Shmuli Rosenberg

Rhythm Recorded at The Jam Room, Howell, NJ

Engineered by Arnie Brown

Vocals and Overdubs Recorded at SkyLine Music, NYC

Engineered by Shmuli Rosenberg

An Inspired Production, Lakewood, NJ

Mixed by Marc Urselli (

Mastered by Shmuli Rosenberg at SkyLine Music, NYC

Drums and Percussion: Benny Koonyevsky

Bass: Conrad Korsch

Guitars: Rich Arrigo

Keyboards and Synthesizers: Shmuli Rosenberg

Oud: Ara Dinkjian

Nay Flute, Zurna, and Pan Flute: David Weiss

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  1. Is this the same Shmuli Rosenberg that made the famous tape years ago which had “Mitzvah gedolah lehiyoes besimcha” on it?


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