Audio: Leah Rubashkin Tells of ‘Miracles’


leah-rubashkin[Audio below.] “We are surrounded by a world that, [in] its very nature wants to deny Hashem. Bitachon is our window – not out of reality – but into reality.”

This is the philosophy the helped the Rubashkin family remain strong and sane as their business and life were shattered, said Leah Rubashkin.

The wife of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and mother of 10 spoke Sunday to 500 women in Crown Heights about “the journey of my family.”

Leah received a standing ovation, and told COLlive she was very moved by the warm reception at the inaugural Chinese Auction of Oholei Torah’s PTA.

With a cup of water handy, she read from a paper, her smile revealing her discomfort with the limelight. “They called me the guest speaker… I’m not really a speaker,” she noted.

Her speech was met with enthusiastic response nevertheless, as she described how belief in the Almighty led her past the legal hurdles and personal challenges.

“Either have bitachon and be calm that Hashem is with you or alternatively be upset, nervous and worry,” she said. “Hashem has his time, and when it’s right, it will happen, Sholom Mordechai says.”

She vividly described the May 12, 2008, Federal immigration raid on the plant founded by her father-in-law Aaron Rubashkin, and called it “a date Postville will never forget.”

Mrs. Rubashkin went on to speak about the days in the courthouse in South Dakota, and the many surprising occurences and people they met.

She also spoke of their appointment as the official Shluchim to Sioux Falls by Rabbi Moshe Feller, Head Shliach to the Upper Midwest.

She said witnesses for the prosecution used the term “Sholom EZ pass”: “Say Sholom told you to do it and you can go.”

But the real story here, she said, was the outpour of support the Jewish public has shown to her family.

“The fact that we can get support from a paper like Yated Neeman, week in week out, for months. The editor, Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, went out on ‘mesiras nefesh’ to support a yid he never met.”

Leah said 1,300 letters of support were sent to judge Linda Reade.

Click below to listen to Leah Rubashkin’s remarks:

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  1. Thanks you matzav for sharing this audio. Leah Rubashkin is an amazing woman. Her bitachon and emes is so inspiring. Thank you Mrs. Rubashkin for sharing with us your amazing stories of bitachon, and I will always remember ALeph, Bais, Gimmel to remind myself that Hashem runs the world and Who is always with me. ChAZAK!


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