Audio: Dr. Clair Discusses His Surgery On Rav Elyashiv


dr-daniel-clair[Audio below.] Dr. Daniel Clair, Chair of the Dept. of Vascular Surgery at The Cleveland Clinic, spoke with Shawn Fink about the lifesaving surgery he performed on Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv.

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  1. “Audio: Dr. Clair Discusses His Surgery On Rav Elyashiv”

    What ever happened to the concept of patient-practitioner confidentiality?

  2. I wish the interviewer would have spent more time asking the doctor about his impression of Reb Elyashiv shlita himself.

    It sounded like the Dr. had more to say but was not given the chance to say it!

  3. why in the world is it our buisness to know details about the surgery klal yisroel should just know that hashem made it succesful

    from yaakov T M

  4. Do we have to marginalize and talk down everything?

    I am sure many people enjoyed the interview and really care about R Elyashiv.

  5. Gedolim are not superstar actors or performers. They are the ruchnious heads of Klall Yisroel. What kind of demeaning article is this to expose a gadol’s private life in public. Matzav has to be more discretionary.

  6. The doctor says that R’ Elyashiv was learning when he went into the room before the surgery and had to be told that someone was there.
    Ashreinu Sheyesh Lanu Rebbe Kazeh!

  7. I listened carefully to the entire interview. There was nothing which suggested a lack of patient confidentiality. He spoke in very general terms. What I found interesting and made me proud was when he mentioned how impressed he was with the Achdus of the Jewish community. The love and concern we had for one man. He said from the time he got off the plane, he was amazed how he was treated at every stage. Something he and his technician will never forget.Listening to the Doctor; for me it was a big Kiddush Hashem. I think as Yidden we can all be proud on the impression we made not only on the Doctor but the world too.

  8. You know, that was a really great audio and I really enjoyed hearing the surgeon and the commentator talk about the Rabbi. There was no confidental medical information revealed and I can not see where the kvetching above comes from. If anything it shows the resiliance of our Rabbi and his commitment to our People. This was a good thing.

  9. I conducted the interview with Dr. Clair, and I am shocked (though sadly, I probably shouldn’t be) by some of the comments leveled against me.

    The interview was conducted with the utmost regard for Rav Elyashiv’s privacy. I purposely did not inquire deeply about the exact nature of the Rav’s ailment, or any other information that would have breached doctor/patient confidentiality. Furthermore, I can assure all of you that had I asked any questions that violated confidentiality, Dr. Clair would have declined to answer.

    Dr. Clair is a Roman Catholic doctor who performed life-saving surgery on the 101 year old Gadol HaDor (ad meah v’esrim shanah), HIS story deserved to be told, there waas a limit to how much I could ask about his impressions of the Rav, and he was given the chance to finish every thought completely.

    For those of you who believe that the interview was invasive, and inappropriate, I must ask why you are even browsing a site that features news content, you would obviously be much happier keeping your head buried in the sand (not even seforim). Nobody is forcing you to read this site or listen to the interview. Some of us have a profession that requires us to report the news, and in such events, we try to do it within the guidelines of professional journalistic ethics, with an understanding of the sensitivity of our subjects, and in my case, with a deeply felt sense of yiras Shomayim. It is sad that even publicizing the nes of the recovery of the Gadol HaDor is fodder for sinas chinam!

  10. Does anyone know who funded this big operation of transporting the doctors and their stuff etc.?

    Interviewer, you seem to be taking this personally. Your job as interviewer has nothing to do with the fact that certain parties are making a big deal over something that’s not a big deal and is intrusive at best.

  11. attention interviewer your interview was absolutely amazing and very very informative!!!! I could not believe the reaction!!! I realize that one has to do whats right and not look to please the whole world!thanks for the best interview I have heard in quite some time!! Be mechazek yourself reb elyashuv would pasken you did right!!!


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