Assembly Passes To’eivah Marriage Bill


nys-capitolThe New York State Assembly made to’eivah marriage legal in the state by passing a to’eivah marriage bill 89 to 52 last night and calling on the State Senate to quickly pass the same bill. The bill includes a religious exemption to make clear that it only impacts marriage as a civil institution – clergy will not have to solemnize marriages should the Senate approve the bill.Out-of-state to’eivah marriages are already recognized in the New York.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a statement:

“Today, the Assembly moved us closer than we have ever been to enacting a law allowing [to’eivah] New Yorkers to enter into marriage here in their home state, and I applaud Speaker Silver and members of both parties for moving this historic legislation forward. Governor Paterson has made it clear that he will sign this bill should it reach his desk, and I am working with this bill’s ever-growing coalition of supporters to help pass it in the Senate.

“Different religions have different ideas about what constitutes a marriage, and each of us may have our own personal beliefs on what marriage means. These can be strongly-held convictions, and I respect them. But many of us do not believe that it is government’s place to define marriage in a way that excludes many couples from the legal benefits associated with marriage, and I hope New York will soon become the latest state to adopt a law whose time has come.”

To’eivah marriage is currently legal in three states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa, but will soon be legal in Vermont on Sept. 1 and Maine on Sept. 14.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


  1. Shame on Shelly Silver! Shame on Mike Bloomberg! Shame on all the people who work for organizations that invite these Rishaim to their dinners as “Guest” speakers! UCH!!!

  2. Bloomberg is a disgrace. He is the grandson of a Rabbi?!! Throw him out, send him back to MA.

    ‘Marriage equality’ (the slogan of this immoral bill) = Marriage desecration.


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