As Jews Mourned the Churban, Palestinian Authority Denies The Botei Mikdosh Ever Existed


har habayisAs Jews around the world mourned the destruction of the ancient Jewish temples on Sunday with the observance of Tisha B’Av, Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash told Israel’s NRG that a Bais Hamikdosh never stood atop the Har Habayis.

“The Al-Aqsa Mosque is located atop the Temple Mount, and not the Temple. Look for your Holy Temple in another place,” said Al-Habbash.

Al-Habbash also assailed Jewish visitors who visited the site on Sunday, saying that “there is no room for religious pluralism” on the Har Habayis.

Al-Habbash added that, “this is a holy site for Islam, and only for Islam. Al-Aqsa Mosque is a Muslim site, and we do not recognize [as legitimate] any of the stories about the Temple.”

Al-Habbash claimed that the PA’s rejection of Jewish history on the Har Habayis was political and not religious. “We reject the Israeli claim that once there stood a Holy Temple in the place of the Aqsa Mosque,” he said. “If you open up the question of the Temple, you are opening up a religious war, ” he added.

“We do not look at this issue as a religious issue, but only as a political conflict,” he said. “The historical claims are not the issue. The occupation is the problem. We are speaking of a situation where one state has occupied another state.”

He added that the Palestinian Authority “will not allow any Israeli presence in the Holy Mosque. This is taboo for us… Not a single Israeli has the right to pray atop the Aqsa Mosque grounds. This is a mosque and we do not recognize [anyone else’s] rule over this place.”

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  1. Per the PA: Yishmoel, not Yitzchok, was Avrohom’s hier, Jews never existed (we’re actually Kuzarians), the Bais Hamikdosh never existed, the holocaust never occurred. These guys ought to sue the Flat Earth Society, Pinocchio and 9/11 truthers as trademark infringers and pale imitations – nobody but nobody can lie like these guys do.

  2. Does anyone even care what they say? The entire Christian world believes in the history of the first and second Bais Hamikdosh. The whole birth of their religion revolves around the Bais Hamikdash. Everyone in the world know that the Vatican has many artifacts that the Romans captured when they destroyed the Bayis Sheni and brought them back to Rome. Arafat YM ‘Sh tried to pull that on President Clinton years ago, telling him that the Jews never had temples here. “I know they were here” he told Arafat.

  3. i wholeheartedly agree with comments 2 and 4. why are we repeating what the muslims say? repetition just gives some credence to their ignorance


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