Arkansas Republican: Hillary Would Get Shot


hillary-clinton-glassesAn Arkansas Republican has no love for Hillary Clinton and no problem letting the world know. When asked how Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she ran for president in 2016, a district chairman said, “She’d probably get shot at the state line.”

Johnny Rhoda was then reminded that Clinton’s husband served as governor of Arkansas and the Clinton brand is still strong in the state, but Rhoda insisted, “Nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.”

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton went on record during a Meet the Press interview saying that Hillary is “not out of touch” with the needs of ordinary Americans, citing her record of helping underrepresented groups as far back as the couple’s law school years. Read more at US News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “Shot at the state line?” Nice, law-abiding guy, dedicated to the values of democracy and respect for the law. No wonder we have crazies gunning down children in schools, when lawmakers can talk like this and not hear about it from their voters.

  2. Now lets not make a mountain out of a molehill. Its a figure of speech. The truth is, Hillary is NOT liked by a majority of Americans. The Democrats are being very foolish by putting all their eggs in the Hillary Clinton basket. The Clinton name is NOT what it used to be.

  3. Will someone please look at the calendar and realize that it’s over 2 YEARS until the election? So many things can happen between now and then it’s silly to talk about Clinton as “the” candidate. Other candidates could come forward, she could decide not to run, Mashiach ben David could come (best outcome there!. I’m sure the Democratic National Committee strategists aren’t betting exclusively on her. The media, however, have to have stories to publish, so we get all this hoopla.

    But about that “figure of speech” – your metaphors expose how you think on a deeper level. Political and other violence is definitely on this guy’s radar. Even if he would never do it himself, he’s putting the idea out there.

  4. To Oldtimer:
    Apparently you B”H don’t listen to Goyisha music. Listen to some rap for about 5 seconds and you will hear the worst filth & violence! The average dummy is listening and digesting that garbage! How about movies/films that your Democrats are producing? Again, the worst filth & violence! You’re (typical Democrat) suddenly so concerned about an off handed phrase of words chosen by some “politician” no one ever heard of??? Mr. Rhoda is the problem? You’re not being honest. You are biased against Republicans. You probably still believe, 4 Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi because some nerd posted an insulting video against Muslems! I’m sure that kid in Sandy Hook shot all those toddlers because some evil white Republican made some hateful comment! Right, and Timothy McVei blew up a building because of Rush Limbaugh! With all due respect, its time for you to grow up!

  5. Hey, olttimer, I’d like to “target” you (phrase coined by Democrat, Bob Beckel. If I saw you, I would “get in your face” (Obams speaking to supporters regarding those who disagree with them). By the way, Obama has overstated the school violence issue. One is too many, but they have been using an inaccurately broad definition that no reasonable person would believe. With all of the coverup re: the IRS scandal, nothing said by the left should be taken seriously.

  6. Wow! Us evil Democrats are really powerful! (You forgot to ask if I’m really a Democrat, by the way.)

    On a serious note, the intensity of the rhetoric here is really interesting. I’ve never been a “target” personally before, so I’m a little surprised by the hostility, especially by fellow Yidden. Anger is next door to avodah zarah, the Chachamim say. Maybe politics is our new avodah zarah in this country. And remember Avos on getting friendly with politicians – they only love us when it’s to their advantage.

    Let’s have more light, less heat, and agree to disagree on a level fitting the children of HaShem.

  7. To Oldtimer:
    You gave the classic Liberal “non answer”. When they/you have no answer, instead of admitting that you made an error, you pull out the “Lashon Hora” “Viahavta Lireacha Kamocha” “Ahavas Yisroel” card. Falling back on these “cards” won’t solve real problems facing our community & the world at large. Sweeping everything under the carpet is what lead to this mess we/the Country are in. This website, Matzav, is a kosher place to exchange idea’s & opinions. Hopefully the “thought police” will let us express ourselves. So please stop with the Lashon Hora falseness


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