Are Kosher Consumers Eating Healthier?



I was caught somewhat off guard the other day when asked if people who eat kosher are eating healthier these days. The writer suggested that supermarket shelves nowadays have more kosher products than ever before. She pointed to the large number of gluten, sugar and fat free items.

Indeed, most of the numbers that I have seen clearly support the notion that kosher consumers are eating healthier, especially when you include kosher sushi and salads. But here is where the writer was stumped. She was told by a number of retailers that sales of red meat are up as are items like deli, cholent, herring and pastries.

So I checked in with some of my friends in retail and distribution and their answer was to say the least strange: yes and yes. In other words kosher consumers are eating healthier but yes a significant portion are not.

The difference between 2015 and say five years ago is that there is a loyal core of customers that are buying only healthier products and at the same time a rising number of younger consumers that are eating the fattier and less healthy foods. And then there is the middle group that it is eating healthier but have not given up on the more wholesome foods.

One retailer told me that many mothers are concerned about child obesity and are buying more fruits and vegetables for their offspring. They are buying less sugary cereals and cutting back on pastries. Yet, the retailer says that he has never sold as much of kosher snacks as he is nowadays.

The kosher snack aisle is more crowded than it has ever been but you also take note of items with less fat and even less calories.

So after reviewing all this information, I told the writer that kosher consumers are eating healthier than ever before but no, they haven’t given up on the traditional fattier foods.

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  1. “gluten, sugar and fat free items”
    The writer apparently doesnt know anything about healthy, if you capable of eating gluten (wheat) it can be healthy, of course unless your a glutton. sugar is in everything so making sugar the bad guy yeah sugars bad if you overindulge in candy but sugar is also in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. and fat free items are just a total sham!

    “kosher sushi and salads”
    according to the same logic of the writer, sushi would be off limits then because of the rice being fattening and unhealthy. i don’t know why the writer considers this the golden standerd of a healthy diet. but in reality all foods must be eaten in moderation. and rice can be unhealthy if one is gluttonous.

    “red meat” what is this the 90’s red meat has been vindicated already red meat is part of a healthy diet now moderated of course.
    but come on now whats with the health misconceptions!

    “The kosher snack aisle is more crowded than it has ever been but you also take note of items with less fat and even less calories.”
    All that matters is less calories! I don’t know where one gets that a food limiting fat is somehow gonna make one skinny(oh the 90’s again) it matters how many calories you eat vs how many you burn in your daily activities!

  2. Wow sales of everything are increasing? It’s almost like the population is growing or something.

  3. Yup number 5 that’s what I was thinking
    And yes gluten free is good for those who have an intolerance for gluten it’s ok for others to eat


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