APP Picks Up Story On Frum School Board Candidate Bounced from Campuses By Police


boruch-blaustein1The Asbury Park Press reports: Baruch Blaustein, a candidate for the township Board of Education, was escorted off school property twice in as many days when he showed up, demanded access and was denied entrance by school officials, as first reported by

Blaustein arrived without appointments and was escorted by police off the property of the Clifton Avenue School on March 31, and then the Ella G. Clarke School on April 1.

“This happened two times,” Blaustein said. “I don’t know what they are hiding.

“I am trying to gain access to the public schools, legally, and I don’t need their approval” or permission to tour the school, Blaustein said. “The principal denied me access.”

Blaustein, 28, of Seventh Street, said he was told that he needed permission from the Board of Education to tour the school and he took offense to that idea. At the Ella G. Clarke School, officials told Blaustein that he has no children in the school and therefore would not be allowed inside, according to the police report.

Blaustein said he is married and has two children who do not attend public school. He is a full-time student at Beth Medrash Govoha rabbinical school, here.

In police reports that Blaustein forwarded to the Asbury Park Press, Blaustein was told by Officer Gary Przewoznik that he had to leave the school or he would be arrested for trespassing, by orders passed down through police Chief Robert C. Lawson.

Blaustein said he has attended Board of Education meetings for the past two months and many people have complained about the overcrowding in the classrooms, badly needed building repairs and a slow technology system in place for the students. As a Lakewood resident running for the school board, “I should be able to see this,” Blaustein said.

“I want to see all the elementary schools,” he said. “Teachers are saying it is overcrowded, there is a roof problem, outdated technology and a (poorly equipped) library, and that there is not enough educational material.”

Przewoznik said that he could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Blaustein said he requested a copy of the video and audio captured during the exchange between himself and Przewoznik, but was denied because the matter is an Internal Affairs investigation.

The school board election is April 27.

{Asbury Park Press/ Newscenter}


  1. I’m not surprised that the APP scans Matzav for news happening on its own turf. Matzav is, after all, THE place for what’s going on.
    I am surprised that the APP wrote an article without any of the bias they usually put when reporting on an frum story.


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